"I look forward every Tuesday to the evening club.  I get to meet other people and make friends.  I love the music and dancing."


Care for you

Our aim is to provide a stable environment in which you feel safe and secure.

Our team will support you to take part in activities and enjoy new experiences that interest you and  enrich your life.  

We positively encourage, support and enable individuals to be empowered in the choices they make.

On admission, you can work together with our staff to draw up a comprehensive person-centred plans that is directly aimed at meeting your individual needs.  This way we can help you to reach your full potential, and to draw out the best in you, whatever your abilities.

Due to your specialist needs, our support is characterised by high staffing levels including waking nights and sleepover staff and provision of 1:1 support when you need it.

Our staff will encourage and accompany you to :

  • Be members of local organisations - including libraries, swimming and other clubs
  • Use public transport, reducing the effects of isolation and to widen social contacts
  • Support you in addressing spiritual needs
  • Maintain an active lifestyle by attending local resources for part or all the week 
  • You will be invited to attend our regular service users meeting, where you will be able to discuss your daily living arrangements for example chose of menu and activities,  and propose change.

We work with you, your families, friends, professionals and others involved in your life to build and develop a positive, homely environment.



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